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Hi, I am a Vedic Astrologer, and my name is Manoj kumar Pandey. I have been working in this respective field for 30 years and i have given lots of predictions for many big clients. Right now i am working with india's top most astrology app, own a youtube channel and actively running my facebook page and group. My predictions are spirit-guided, and I work in accordance with Astrology ethics in order to offer stability to people's lives. However, my primary goal is to provide you with clarity and insight into your life, as well as spiritual knowledge of the various energies that are spinning about us. Aside from that, you can call me for Marriage, Career and Business Astro Consultation, Wealth and Property related astro Consultation, Career Issues, and much more. The solutions I offer are simple and effective, and they have been demonstrated to be accurate the majority of the time. Furthermore, my consumers are always pleased with the solutions and cures I provide. I try to develop a relationship with all of my customers by treating them as individuals.

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