SRBB Astro Hub Lab is a private limited company made of professionals from different walks of life globally, who believes astrology is a science and by using technology with seamless access to astro solutions from experts for the Global Indian community and individuals who look for their recommendation and guidance especially on challenging times.

Astro Hub is an online web app & mobile app stage for interfacing Global Indian community and astrologers / fortune teller all over the World, using our APP, people can call & chat with astrologers to get answers to all their worries by seeing the future life through astrology kundli predictions from the best astrologers from India & abroad.

Get best future predictions related to marriage, love life, career or health over call, chat, query or report.

Astro Hub recognising the tremendous need for high quality solutions in the astrotech space, launched Global best APP for those seeking online guidance with complete privacy while maintaining exceptional quality with cost effective solutions.


Our Values

Why do we do it?

Our 21st Century Vision and Mission As more and more millennial tribes seek to find esoteric and spiritual solutions to meet their mental health needs, we are also focusing on providing them with the professional experience of authentic service providers. At the same time, our team continues to work on new models related to Yoga, Mudra, Pranayama, Reiki therapy, Vedic practice, Meditation and Ayurveda, looking forward to the future.


Our Vision

To support people & community with astrological guidance across the world with professional advice for happiness in their life.

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to build the largest community in the world, which seeks, learns and shares astrological, spiritual and happiness experiences in a single platform in a transparent, trustworthy and credible way.

Why Customers Believe & Trust us

Astrohub lab has established trusted relationships with clients in more than 102+ countries / regions and is supported by a network of more than thousands of acclaimed astro experts in India & abroad. For service partners, this is a flexible way to earn money that gives us the opportunity not only to strengthen the grassroots economy, but also to identify our customers and connect them with authentic and trustworthy partners.

They see that we are committed to quality and privacy. For us, it is no exaggeration to ensure that global customers believe & trust us.

Our above objective is the key reason why customers believe & trust us.

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