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I am a Certified Master Level Tarot Reader, Health Tarot Reader, Master Certified Numerologist, and apart from this bring across the table overall 17+ years of rich experience as a Trainer/Facilitator, Life Coach, HR /Management Consulting, Resume and LinkedIn Consultant, Career Counseler and Coach, Content Writing, and Client Services. During my entire career tenure, I have had the opportunity of serving clients at the international level and India. I have worked with C-Suite Executive Leaders, Senior Management professionals, Board Members, Upper Middle-level Management and Middle-Level Management professionals, Juniors, and Freshers. For freshers, I have done commendable work in the areas of Pre-Placement Skills Training, Soft Skills, and imparting Management education by using experiential training modalities. What provides me an edge over my contemporaries is my excellent exposure in both the corporate and academic sectors, my experience of working for some prestigious clients or luminaries from diverse industries including defense veterans, researchers, sports and entertainment industry celebrities or executive leaders, and a lot more. Apart from this, I enjoy major strengths in content development & publications as I have contributed various research papers and articles for leading international and national management journals and magazines. I am also working as an Academic Content Writer and a Consultant, have proven strengths in developing interactive training modules on HR as a Subject Matter Expert. I have a deep passion for esoteric practices and occult science. Apart from acquiring certifications in Tarot, Numerology, and Reiki, I have also enrolled for certifications in Angel Healing, Karuna Ki Reiki, Crystal Healing, Aura Reading, Chakra Healing, NLP Coach Certification, Pendulum Dowsing & Healing, Energy Testing & Healing, Professional Certification in Akashic Records (Accredited), Online Diploma in Palmistry, Fengshui Diploma, Cord Cutting and Clearing Negative Energy, and a lot more. I have received certain excellent reviews from my clients for my accurate readings and advice as a Tarot Coach and Numerologist.

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