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I am a Professional Cartomancer (fortune teller by playing cards) & Life coach and I have been working as a Cartomancer for 24 years. I was introduced to cartomancy at an early age. I have been working as a professional Cartomancer for 14 years. Cartomancy is more than prediction. It is divine guidance. My experience gives me the power to introduce Cartomancy on social media platforms. I used to hesitate to talk about it in the beginning because it is not a well-known art as astrology but day by day my sessions empower me and my belief in Cartomancy. I do an amazing thing connecting life philosophy with Cartomancy. So now it is easy to explain Cartomancy concepts. I am passionate to share my knowledge about life as a life coach so I create a coaching platform with amazing courses on my website blissfullife.co.in The essence of this psychic art Cartomancy & life philosophy with a practical approach is that we are empowered with a power of creation which is within us. 90% of life depends on our free will, thoughts, decisions, actions, emotions, and beliefs. So now I aim to share these secrets which work for me and others and also give a clear picture of your past & present by cartomancy reading so that you understand your past and present and create an amazing future. In other words, I summarized it “You are the creator, create your destiny. Understand your power. Get connected with your inner self.” Minakshi Gupta Cartomancer About Cartomancy Cartomancy is a European art and psychic reading science which uses a deck of playing cards for telling about the past, present, and future. It gives probability, precaution, ns, and solutions. Cartomancy also gives a clear understanding of oneself. A cartomancy practitioner is known as Cartomancer. Cartomancy says YOU ARE THE CREATOR.

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