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My name is Roompa. Presently, I live in Noida, UP, but I have stayed in many places, like Delhi, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Kolkata and in Madhya Pradesh also, in connection with my husband's and father's job postings. I am a Bengali by birth and I can fluently speak English, Hindi and Bengali. Earlier I used to work with GE Money servicing and then HSBC Bank. After my marriage, I left my job and became homemaker and a mother, but occult science was always my favourite subject which I do practice from my teenage. Now I have decided to make Tarot card Reading as my profession, so I got myself certified by joining Tarot course with Ved Vidhi and joined Astro care Jyotish. I also do astrology where I prepare elaborated and detailed horoscopes which includes Vedic astrology and Numerology. Now I would love to continue my journey with Astrohub. My predictiions are so far so accurate and I am hopeful that my predictions will be accurate on this platform also . Thank you. 🙏🏼

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