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I have made-up my mind to change organization due to have excellent knowledge of their respective fields for a core astrologer & able to analysing kundali and planetary impacts on human life. i have knowledge of various branch of astrology like Natal, horary, annual horoscope, KP system, Lal Kitab, Transit, Panchang, Vedic astrology etc. Making Qualitative & Accurate predictions and providing relevant and effective solutions. • I be available to answer queries received through our platform via call or chat on real time with accuracy and at the same time maintain confidentiality of the client details. • Prepare and Analyse Horoscope to Advise Users Regarding Future Trends and Events Through Videos • Prepare Horoscope By Computing Position of Planets, Their Relationship to Each other and to Zodiacal Signs, Based On Factors, such as Time and Place Where the User Was Born. • Analyse Horoscope Chart to Advise Client, such as Person or Company, Regarding the Future Actions and Events, Course of Action to Follow, and Probability of Success or Failure of that Action. Qualifications • Prior experience of working with online astrology portals is required • People with qualified degrees in astrology and similar fields from a reputed institute would have preference. I have the pleasure to present myself as a candidate for the same in yours organization

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