Astro Tarot Jayasri

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    (25-01-2024 03:00)

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I am a certified Tarot reader, your mentor, healer, and most importantly, a friend. I developed a strong interest in spirituality at a young age, encouraging me to explore different spiritual practices like tarot, yoga, and meditation. My intuition developed greatly, which made it easier for me to be conscious and connect with the collective consciousness. Being involved in holistic healing for many years has allowed me to explore many more holistic approaches and delve deeply into mind science and metaphysics. Counseling has always been my forte as a healing practitioner. This has broadened my perspective and allowed me to explore techniques such as transpersonal regression therapy, Pranic healing, Angel therapy, Crystal healing, Chakra clearing, Aura cleansing, and many more. I approach my healing sessions by finding the underlying causes of a client's behavior, beliefs, or thought patterns that prevent them from reaching their full potential for success, happiness, and inner peace. I work with my clients using a healing technique that best fits their needs and psyche.

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