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I am Ph.D. in Education and a certified Tarot Card Reader and Palmist having an experience of more than 8 years in the same field. I hold multiple certifications in Tarot Card Reading, Palmistry and Jyotish Praveen from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd.) Chennai and was the topper of my batch in Tarrot Card Reading. I am famous in the field of Astrology, specifically with Tarot Card Reading, Palmistry and career/life counselling to students. I have helped providing people with intricate solutions to their perplexed life problem by using my knowledge in the field of Astrological Sciences as well as my Counselling and Therapy. I am known for my accuracy and problem solving of my clients in the field of Tarot Reading. With any kind of problems- relating to matrimonial life, love life, career, business, family, health and legal issues. I have also been associated with media and news channels which has helped me channelise my skills even better. My clients include famous Punjabi Celebrities, Famous Bureaucrats and Ministers, Media and TV Artists- both from India and abroad. My conscientiousness in the field of Astrological Sciences has been very well recognised and appreciated by my clientele owing to my accuracy and solution oriented approach.

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