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Dr. Prītam Kumār Dās is a Dental Surgeon (BDS, MCODS, Manipal University, KA), Vedic Astrologer (Jyotishī) & Palmist. He is a staunch believer in Acintya Bhedābheda Philosophy of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu. His lineage connects to the ancient family of a famous merchant of Bengal, Cānd Sadāgar. He was a great Śiva Bhakt. Brahma Mādhav Gaudiya Sampradāya of Vaishnavism respects Lord Śiva as the greatest Vaishnava. So, he always tries to help his devotees reach Lord Krishna. As serving him is our only duty. And the same happened with Dr. Pritam's lineage as well. His ancestors gradually became devotees of Lord Śrī Krishna. Along with different branches of Vedic Astrology like Parāśara, Jaiminī & Nadī, he uses Palm reading, Face reading and Numerology too to make his reading more accurate. All glories regarding his current knowledge go to his Guru, father and of course to Lord Śrī Krishna. According to Swami Vivekananda, serving people without selfish motives is serving the Supreme Lord. He tries to follow this as much as he can. As per our knowledge, his remedies are affordable, simple, practical, and effective. Sometimes he may provide diet modification suggestions to improve the bodily aura too. We should know that Jyotisha is a probabilistic science based on Karma to reveal the future. Our fate is not a rigid pre-destined path as we have little space for Free Will to perform our Kriyāmana Karma with our full consciousness. No good astrologer can guarantee 100% perfect predictions. Dr. Pritam is a charismatic person and he always maintains a very good relation with his clients. After all, the ultimate solution is to help people get out of the cycle of birth and death and defeat the Māyā. And this can be possible only by surrendering unto HIM (Bhagavad Gitā 18.66) Om Tat Sat. Hare Rāma Krishna

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