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Mrs. Yuvaselvi Satheeshkumar is a certified Astrologer with experience of more than 19 years in the field of Astrology, expert in Vedic Astrology. She followed her great grandfather, a famous Vedic astrologer who poineered in creating a method for dosam Pariharam and astrology. She also completed the research of Vedic Kaalachakkra in astrology severely 10 years. Before she joined the path of Astrology, she is DECE, BE(Electronics and Communication Engineering). Mrs. Yuvaselvi SatheeshKumar took the field of astrology to serve society and share her divine knowledge of occult sciences for the welfare of the people. She believes that astrology is an art that connects people to their eternal soul which in turn improves their way of living and dealing with different types of situations coming their way. Kaalachakkra which she is only handling the another one part of Vedic astrology gives fast and accurate calculation past, present and future. Basically only one time one can get chance to see Kaalachakkram once for every 10 years. In the first time if they see the Kaalachakkram , then their all the problems goes automatically to zero state and then they lead their life with clarity without confused mind with life long. If the first chance was missed to see Kaalachakkram, till for ten years they couldn't able to get chance of seeing Kaalachakkram. The person who sees Kaalachakkram will have the long term of life.The pariharam which is told Kaalachakkram is powerful and gives very immediate and permanent solution for the problems. Talking about her customers, she has served a number of people across various part of the world and the pariharam for dosam. She provides a very simple remedies and most of the time her customers are satisfied by her solutions and results that have won her the respect and admiration of the rich and the poor alike. Apart from this, you can also contact her regarding money, love, education, property, match making, marriage consultation, career, business, and much more
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